The safest way for your brand

Vigilance and full threat coverage ensures your strategic advantage

Our services

Rener Radar

Monitoring + oversight both Social Media and World Wide Web for:

  • Personal Brand Safety
  • Company Brand Protection
  • Misuse of Brand Logos
  • Verification of Brand Image Compliance by Partnered Companies
Working for crises prevention + protection of your brand

Rener Response

Management and the thorough investigation of crises regarding:

  • Owner/Company Head/Brand Social Media Accounts
  • Brand's Image Violation
  • GDPR Violation
Responding quickly to secure profits

Rener Pillar

Fully supportive of your day to day business with both audits + implementation of standards regarding:

  • Quality Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Information Security Management
  • GDPR
  • Social Media Policy
Increasing the safety of your business routines

Why to choose us

Rener is an experienced team of professionals fully able to recognize and avert risks which could become crisis situations. Responding to off/online threats in a timely way we are well able to secure corporate heads along with company reputation + unseen all time support focusing on ensuring constant vigilance.

Our mission is

Provide safety to leaders and their organizations.

Our aims are

  • to be both flexible and effective
  • to be able to interpret owner needs
  • to accept responsibility
  • to constantly upgrade skills + services
  • to think globally


Michał Barasiński

∼ CEO ∼

Veteran, CMRD Ret., Lead Auditor ISO 27001, managing ​​Rener Radar + Rener Responses. Providing support to organizations in ​​Social Media Safety and Crises Investigation.

Krystian Dzimira

∼ Managing Partner ∼

Lead Auditor ISO 27001, Auditor ISO 9001 and ISO 22301, responsible for Rener Pillar + Business Development. Supporting clients with ​​internal or second party audit and with consulting.



Head of our Social Media Dept.


Head of our Information Security Dept.


Head of our Personal Data Protection Dept.


Head of our Risk Management Dept.


Head of our Data Security Dept.

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